19 february 2017

Another wet windy and miserable day only a few hardy ones at club.

I managed to get my new 210 racer in the air . must say it is a handfull but will get it sorted .

Tony had a few good flights killing the wind and the rain at times . Stuart also attended someone please tell is girlfriend to go easy with the curry next time .

Richard aka Santa came in for a coffee but too miserable day for drones.

anyway i will not be there next sunday as my daughter is competing and coaching in the Scottish ITF championship. I hear thanks Fxxx Lol .

of course sorry for my english unfortunatly the usual reporter was under the thumb this week LOL.

Take care and hope the sun will be out for you ..

Rain does not stop the gang improving the club

Well Guys yesterday the 24th of July , the sun did not shine , but that did not stop Graham , Thomas , Tony and myself to be at the club and managing a couple of flights between showers .

we Also managed to Build the Now Famous Steps into the flying field.

thanks to the help of our friendly farmers Harry and William .

Although it was a wash out , still nice to see the hardcore guys showing face and keeping busy . we know some of you guys are going throw some challengijng times and we understand , look forward to some good sun and good flying times .

As you all notice recently the club now welcomes as well as Helicopters guys , drones too , beig large 1m span or 180cm .

We have plenty of space available to be used and have fun  and if anyone got any ideas please come forward and bring to the table .

Any New pilots that are thinking to join a club , we have a couple of places still available .

contact us .P1060642

Tony Acca “Dude gimme a hammer and a screw driver”
P1060643 Racing Quads waiting for the rain to stopP1060645 Trex 600 ready to go
image1 Myself and Tony checking the level of the stepsimage2

Thomas Can showel into Tony’s wellies LOL

New solar powered charging station

So guys Wednesday evening myself “Daniel the italian stallion ” and Stuart “Stu” lol

have managed to put up our solar panel donated to us “thanks Fraser” . The charger controller and we bought 2 new 115amps leisure batteries . After a bit of work we managed to try it out . Well was late at night 20:30 and the panel was charging our batteries already at rate of 200ma not much but was no much light. Sunday we shall tidy up the battery storage and setup the charging station , Mark better turn up and tidy up the connections lol . Looking good clean solar energy to charge our batteries . Spec so far is

24v 115amps charging station 2760watt . This can be extended with extra solar panels and batteries .. The sky is the limits . Me and Stu have already thanked ourselves .. Also Stu cut is finger lol

image image


Get Full membership for just £1 a month

Remember support your club and become a full website member for just £1 a month payable through paypal , all money going to club fund, get xtra videos downloads on rc heli advice.

Just choose membership just above and use paypal checkout.

16TH February 2014

Great day today most of the guys had good time flying their heli and some new heli where also broken in “Engines LOL ” a drone also came into our airspace was a friendly so no worries!!

New members doing great Thomas going back home with a full heli and had loads of practice with both Stuart and myself “The Italian stallion lol” taking turns taking thomas out for flights , keep up the good work Thomas, both Gaz and Mark are coming along great , both capable of flying big figures at all heights not be long guys for your bronze . Danny rennie as usually showing off his skills and one of the first out .

Robert late as usual with is torch was the last to leave at about midnight !! LOL

The 3D guys where not around this week , work must be taking their time ,

so overal a great day with loads of fun fly and no Crashes . well Smasher was not along so was expected !!.

Anyway hope to see you all soon at central scotland rc heli club for more fun days and sorry for my english..

Ps remember you can visit central scotland rc heli club any sunday from 9:30 . We would not ask you to join on the day , but you will leave with a lot of knowledge about this hobby , meet a great bunch of guys , get a coffee on us and probably save you a lot of money !!