About Us


  • Central Scotland RC Heli Club – (A BMFA affiliated RC Heli and Drone club)

Our Mission

Friendly and relaxed.

This is what we pride ourselves on !!

Central Scotland RC Heli Club is for the novice that want’s to learn to fly rc helicopters or the expert who would just like to have a great day and a good time flying.

Is up to the individual how much or how fast you want to learn and progress but we will help and push you a bit along the way.In the same sentence we have to stress that these helicopters are not toy’s and joining a club like ours does make it safer and easier.

So if you do feel we are the people you wanna speak to just get in touch and we will arrange for you to visit our club and show you around, let you try your skills on the simulator and maybe give you a taste on a buddy box.

We are here to help new people to come into the  hobby so feel free to Contact Us


  • April 2011


  • Turdees Farm, Newhouse, Scotland


  • Cabin with electricity, water and cooking facilities.
  • RC Helicopters experts and advice
  • Computer  RC Simulator
  • Charging Station
  • Large hovering area
  • Large flying area
  • Drones and FPV experts and advice
  • Racing drone track regularly laid out

CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Licensed SUA and SUSA Pilots .

If you’re looking for advice and training and you want to get into Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft most commonly known as (DRONES), we have CAA Licensed pilots with permission for aerial work who also have loads of experience in building, repairing, reprogramming and conducting Risk Assessments for your RPAS (Remote Pilot Aircraft System).

So if you fly a DJI Phantom or an FPV quadcopter and you want to know all ins and out or you want to see a Top Range of RPAS system please feel free to come along and speak to us.