New solar powered charging station

So guys Wednesday evening myself “Daniel the italian stallion ” and Stuart “Stu” lol

have managed to put up our solar panel donated to us “thanks Fraser” . The charger controller and we bought 2 new 115amps leisure batteries . After a bit of work we managed to try it out . Well was late at night 20:30 and the panel was charging our batteries already at rate of 200ma not much but was no much light. Sunday we shall tidy up the battery storage and setup the charging station , Mark better turn up and tidy up the connections lol . Looking good clean solar energy to charge our batteries . Spec so far is

24v 115amps charging station 2760watt . This can be extended with extra solar panels and batteries .. The sky is the limits . Me and Stu have already thanked ourselves .. Also Stu cut is finger lol

image image


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